KuKirin G2 Master

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KUKIRIN G2 Master electric scooter

  • Top speed: 60 km/h
  • Range: Up to 70 km on a single charge
  • Battery: 52V 20.8Ah
  • Elevation angle: 20°
  • Braking system: Disc brake system
  • Tires: 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • Weight: 33 kg
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Charging time: 10 hours


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KUKIRIN G2 Master electric scooter

Meet the KuKirin G2 Master electric scooter – a light and durable aluminum alloy frame, plus double performance thanks to 1000W motors, will quickly take you to your destination at a speed of up to 60km/h. The intuitive large-screen control panel keeps you informed of everything important, ensuring that every ride is not only efficient, but also enjoyable. KuKirin G2 Master – where every detail is designed to satisfy your comfort and thirst for adventure.



Brand: Kugoo
Top speed: 60 km/h, allows fast movement in the city and on open roads.
Top speed in each driving mode: Low speed: 20 km/h. Average speed: 40 km/h. High speed: 60 km/h.
Range: Up to 70km on a single charge, ideal for longer journeys or the daily commute.
Battery: 52V 20.8Ah, ensures long driving range and durability.
Rated motor power: With two 1000W motors, provides excellent thrust and acceleration.
Elevation angle: Up to 20° on slopes, allows you to easily overcome steeper gradients.
Brake system: Disc brake system, ensures reliable stopping power even when driving fast.
Tires: 10-inch pneumatic tires, offer a smooth ride and good grip on different road surfaces.
Weight: 33 kg, provides a good balance between durability and mobility.
Maximum load: 120 kg, supports riders of different weights.
Charging time: 10 hours, allows 24/7 use after full charge.
Extra Large Display: Provides a better visual experience, allowing the driver to easily monitor driving information.
IP rating: IP54, protects against dust and splashes, allowing use in various weather conditions.
Size: Open: 1260*595*1315 mm. Overall: 1260*595*595 mm, for easy transport and storage.
Pedal dimensions: 49*19 cm, provides a stable standing surface.
Frame height: 16 cm, helps to avoid running into obstacles.
Frame material: Aluminum alloy

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