KuKirin G4 Electric Scooter

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KUKIRIN G4 electric scooter

  • Maximum speed: 70 km/h
  • Speed modes: 20km/h, 40km/h and 70km/h
  • Range: 70-75km with one charge
  • Battery: 60V 20Ah
  • Elevation angle: 20 degrees
  • Braking system: Disc brake system
  • Tires: 11-inch airless tires
  • Maximum load: 120kg
  • Charging time: 10-12h
  • Screen: Large touch screen
  • IP rating: IPX4
  • Cruise control function: Yes


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KUKIRIN G4 electric scooter

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Discover the KuKirin G4 Electric Scooter, a high-performance off-road scooter that combines power, durability and style. Thanks to the 2000W hub motor, 75km range and 70km/h maximum speed, it is the perfect companion for any adventure. Equipped with 11-inch all-terrain tires, a smart display, cool lighting systems and dual disc brakes, the KuKirin G4 ensures a smooth ride in all conditions. Reinforced steel-aluminum body and IPX4 water resistance add durability. Experience exceptional driving comfort and safety with the KuKirin G4 – a vehicle that takes you further.

Kukirin G4

The KuKirin G4 has a 2000Wh single hub motor that is extremely powerful, allowing speeds of up to 70km/h. The engine is configured to set, allowing for excellent performance.

60V 20Ah/1200Wh high-capacity, high-quality lithium battery, with a maximum range of up to 75km, generates fast current output, which can also affect ultrasound transmission.


The KuKirin G4 uses 11-inch vacuum rubber tires with a super-strong tire structure that makes it easy to move on the beach, snow or mountain forests.

Smart screen interface that can be controlled in a simple way through the screen interface. Driving mode, headlights and all driving data are easy to control.

KuKirin G4 has headlights with two direction lights and a rear light system with two turn direction warning lights, which makes driving in night traffic comfortable. It not only meets the requirements of night lighting, but also ensures the safety of driving at night.

The KuKirin G4 uses front and rear dual disc brakes with 140mm wire-guided discs for good ventilation and heat dissipation and stronger braking performance; even when driving in difficult off-road conditions where quick maneuvers are required, braking is easy.

The vehicle is designed with reinforced steel-aluminum composite material to achieve the correct structure, reinforced forged and folding parts, and all connecting parts are fixed with high-quality steel screws; The stable and strong body is efficient and the power output of the scooter is efficient.

Kukirin G4


Brand: Kugoo
Maximum speed: 70km/h, allows fast and efficient movement.
Speed modes: 20km/h, 40km/h and 70km/h, offers different driving modes as needed.
Range: 70-75km on a single charge, great for long distance travel.
Battery: 60V 20Ah, ensures long-term driving and fast charging.
Rated motor power: 2000W, the powerful motor ensures a smooth and powerful driving experience.
Elevation angle: 20 degrees.
Brake system: Disc brake system, ensures safe and effective braking.
Tires: 11-inch airless tires offer better grip and stability.
Pedal width: 22*51 cm, ensures a comfortable standing position.
Frame height: 18.5 cm, improves driving comfort on uneven roads.
Product weight: 37 kg, solid and durable construction.
Maximum load: 120kg.
Charging time: 10-12h.
Screen: Large touch screen
IP rating: IPX4, protects against splashes of water, allowing driving in a variety of weather conditions.
Cruise control function: Yes.
Opening body size: 1336*1295*660 mm
Folding body size: 1336*550*660 mm

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The package includes
Your new electric scooter
Rear fender
Charging adapter
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