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KuKirin M5 Pro

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KuKirin M5 Pro 

  • Driving range: 60-70km
  • Battery: 48V 20Ah
  • Load capacity: 120 kg
  • Charging time: 8-10h
  • Max speed: 25km/h (with limiter)

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KuKirin M5 Pro


Powered by a 1000W motor, the Kugoo Kirin M5 Pro reaches a maximum speed of 25 km/h, allowing you to enjoy powerful and exciting off-road driving. The M5 Pro is a combination of the best features of electric scooters. This model is suitable for driving in the city, parks, off-road and on the cross track. A powerful 1000W motor and a 70km driving range make driving enjoyable and carefree.

The Kirin M5 Pro is equipped with a 960 Wh battery that allows a maximum range of 70 km on a full charge, which is longer than most off-road scooters and long enough for day trips.


The M5 Pro includes front and rear disc brakes for safe braking. It has a full suspension with four shock absorbers that effectively reduce the impact, giving you a comfortable ride.

With the smart LCD dashboard, you can check multiple information including speed, battery level, distance, gear lever, etc. You can also easily switch between three speed levels.


The M5 Pro has 7 lights, including 2 front lights, 2 front side lights, 2 rear side lights and a rear brake light. The innovative lighting system makes your driving safer.

With 11-inch front and 10-inch rear tires, the M5 Pro adapts to different types of terrain and drives more smoothly. The 255mm footboard is wide enough for you to stand securely and comfortably.

Kirin M5 Pro has 3 speed modes to meet your different needs. The low speed mode allows you to enjoy the roadside scenery while driving. Medium mode allows you to enjoy the driving pleasure. Switch to fast mode and you’ll have a faster and more exciting off-road ride.



Top speed 25 km/h (with limiter)
Driving range: 60-70km

Motor power: 1000W
Hill climbing: 15°
Braking system: Double disc brake
Tires: Front 11” and rear 10”
Size: 1187 * 620 * 1315 mm
Weight: 36.2 kg
Maximum load: 120 kg
Charging time: 8-10h